Gain Your Independence

For financial advisors who are looking for a way to take greater control over their professional and personal lives, independence can open up a broad range of new opportunities and a host of tangible benefits.

Improve Client Service:

You have the freedom to do what is best for your clients – with no proprietary products or secondary agendas.

Personalized Business Structure:

Being independent gives you the opportunity to develop your own business strategy. You make the decisions that impact your practice at a local level, rather than relying on mandates passed down from a distant home office.

Build Equity in Your Own Business:

Independence allows you to lay the foundation for a successful future by building equity in your own business. You truly own your book of business and can sell it whenever you choose for full market value.

By being independent, you eliminate a large majority of middle management and corporate overhead that doesn't bring true value to your bottom line, and therefore, increase your true net payouts.

Higher Payouts:

Our industry has become commoditized. The days of a select few firms having exclusivity in the investment options, as well as technology are gone. Today, virtually every company offers the same investment options and provides the same level of technology services. By some estimates, 90% of the industry flow is going from wirehouse to independent companies.

Industry Direction:

Due to the wave of retiring baby boomer advisors, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to position yourself to attract as many of these retirees as possible. The question is: what are you doing to make yourself as attractive as possible to these advisors?

Attracting Retiring Advisors:

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