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Closing Bell:

Steven Dudash Talks Tech and Trade War on Closing Bell

Dudash Talks Twitter on CNBC

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NYSE Closing Bell: Dudash on Market Sell-Off

Closing Bell Exchange: Yield, Yield, Yield

Will self driving car technology take off? Steve Dudash weighs in on CNBC, Closing Bell


Nightly Business Report:

NBR: Small Caps and Energy Stocks, June 8th, 2018

Do Banks Have Room Left to Run?

Steve Dudash on Nightly Business Report, January 10, 2018

Steve Dudash on Nightly Business Report, June 23rd, 2017


Fox Business:

Economic Date and 2007 with Charles Payne and Steven Dudash

The Power of Compounding with Steve Dudash and Charles Payne

Dudash Talks China with Charles Payne and the WSJ

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Squawk Box:

Dudash on Squawk Box: Why a Market Pullback is not Surprising

IHT Featured as Pro: Squawk Box, CNBC

Is a downturn nearby? IHT President, Steve Dudash on Squawk Box CNBC



How your IRA Costs Stand to Change as Commissions Fade in Favor of Fees


Power Lunch:

CNBC Power Lunch: Brexit Bank Cuts- August 4, 2016



Brexit fears playbook


Bloomberg (article):

Bloomberg Markets: Dudash Buying in on Fear, Overreaction

Steve Dudash on Bloomber Radio London



Seeing Signs of Business Interest in Cuba